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The store aggregates safe and naturally grown products from a variety of sources. These products are curated not only to ensure their quality, but also to make it easy for customers to make a healthy and sustainable lifestyle choice. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we try to source products from local vendors as much as possible. Single-use plastic is one of the biggest pollutants and extremely hazardous to the environment, therefore all our produce is stored in glass jars and packed on order in either paper or cloth bags, while encouraging customers to carry their own containers when visiting the store. Apart from organic foods, meat & dairy, we also offer eco-friendly alternatives to lifestyle products that are conventionally made of plastic as well as a limited range of all natural personal care products. SAGE is also the exclusive distributor for Daily Dump Khambas, a natural home composting solution. SAGE is committed to living in harmony with the environment in all aspects of life and offering the same choice to our customers.

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