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With local & fresh produce flowing in regularly from our farms, it was only natural for the cafe to curate a farm-to-table menu. The vision for Sage Farm Cafe however, goes way beyond celebrating local seasonal produce and supporting local producers. As a producer, we know the amount of work and patience it takes to create a small bunch of Spinach or one head of Cauliflower. In 2016, when we grew Roselle flowers for the first time, we fell in love with their flavour. But before we knew it, they were gone. We had to wait a whole year for another crop. We immediately learned how to pickle it, ferment it and preserve it so it would last as long as possible and our customers could continue to enjoy some of our dishes through the year, while allowing us to minimise wastage of food. But as a consumer, we often take the produce for granted and focus almost entirely on the spices it’s cooked in. It is this aspect of consumption that we want to impact. For all the time taken to grow and cook food, we want our patrons to spend just a fraction of that time understanding what it is they are eating and to slow down a little to just relish that bite a little more. 

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