Catering & Events

SAGE offers a venue to host private events - dinners, parties, workshops etc. We customise menus for any event to suit your palate, health needs and budget. 


We are located in the centre of Jubilee hills – with ample parking and easy access to the Hyderabad Metro. Contact us for more information!

Fresh, clean & healthy.

Farm Visits

Educative & Engaging

SAGE’s flagship farm- The Baby Elephant Farm was born in 2015 & is located in Shankarpally, about 45 minutes from our Cafe & Store in Jubilee Hills. We encourage all our customers to visit the farm to better understand our practices and to engage with the food they consume. Trust & transparency is critical to the nature of business we are in. As a working farm, the farm is open for visits through the week. Contact us to book a guided tour!

Farming in this day and age, with all it's challenges, is often undertaken only by those most passionate. Through our years of farming experience, we’ve had the opportunity to implement several processes to make farming more viable and sustainable. We offer consulting services across a range of subjects for those interested in engaging in farming. Some of the services offered are highlighted below:

  • Rainwater Harvesting: Studying the natural contours of the land to find the best ways to store rainwater

  • Composting and Green Manuring

  • Farm Design 

  • Integrated Bio-farming

We can guide and help you achieve your goals. Contact us to learn more!


Farming & more




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