SAGE started it's journey as a store that sold naturally grown vegetables & groceries. Driven by the philosophy of sustainability and staying authentic in the long run, SAGE chose to engage in active farming and a few months down the line, local & fresh farm produce started flowing in. Embodying the philosophy of farm-to-table, SAGE Farm Cafe was born in 2017. Today, the café serves some incredible dishes, built from scratch with our local produce which changes with the seasons. The farm has been engaged in natural farming centred on the principles of permaculture since 2015. The three verticals of SAGE - the Farm, the Cafe and the Store, all work in harmony and feed off of each other's synergies, keeping our core philosophy of sustainability alive & thriving.  




1227, Jubilee Hills, Road no. 62, Hyderabad 500033

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Phone no: 9849427575; 9849415500

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