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It’s often said that we should eat the rainbow i.e. eat foods across of varied colors and variety. But often our busy lifestyles, make it challenging to figure out how to “cook the rainbow”.

At SAGE, we are delighted to have access to seasonal and fresh produce all the time and with these recipes curated by our Head Chef Kavitha Mantha, we will showcase simple and easy ways to include them into your meal. To happy and healthy eating!

Mixed Greens Soup

As the rains keep falling and the temperature gets colder, a nice hearty warm soup can go a long way in warming up the body and soul. This soup, made with a variety of our local greens, just makes you come back for more. Each of these greens play a role in the soup by adding either texture, weight, flavour or both.

Raw Papaya Salad

For me, a farm to table meal is only complete when it includes a hearty salad. And when the ingredients of the salad are plucked minutes before mixing it, I tend to let the produce speak for itself. So, here’s a quick fix salad for any time of the day.

Flaxseed Papdi Chaat

When it’s rainy and cold, I always crave a hot cup of tea and a nice tangy chaat to go with it. If you are worried about trying chaat from outside here’s a quick fix safe and “healthy” recipe, to make a lip smacking chaat from the comforts of your own home, in just minutes.

Long Beans in Sambal

Often confused as an elongated version of their cousin the Green Bean, the Long Beans have a much meatier texture which makes them a great addition to any meal. This easy recipe is great when eaten plain as a side or served with Rice.

Sweet Potato & Malabar Spinach Salad

When the rains begin, my two favourite binges tend to be pakoras or a roasted salad. Since everyone has their own version of pakoras, here’s the recipe for a roasted sweet potato salad. This no fuss salad is a great replacement for a meal and uses the beautiful Malabar spinach that we’ve been growing at the farm. The few simple ingredients in this salad are power packed with nutritional value making this meal incredibly healthy and fun.

Banana Stem Salad

Eating a balanced meal at home has become even more critical in times like this. When I am looking for a quick fix to any dietary concerns, the banana stem always comes to the rescue. Its so high in fibre and nutritious, it feels like you are consuming negative calories. Try this version of our favourite salad.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since Dairy and Butter are a bit of a challenge during quarantine, I wanted to come up with a recipe using only the Peanut Butter I already had in my pantry. The result was a crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside cookie, that my kids couldn’t keep their hands off of.

Millet Florentines

While this might as well be the poor man’s version of the Florentine, it was so so yummy that we really didn’t care. This recipe, which was the result of a zero-waste experiment during the quarantine, has taken a permanent place on our shelf.

Skillet Based Margarita Pizza

If you have kids at home, at times like now when ordering and delivering options are limited, the chances are what the kids miss most is their pasta and pizza. Since, many homes are not equipped with ovens at home, I wanted to share an easy to make instant skillet-based recipe which is made with minimal equipment.

Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereals are definitely comfort food for me. If I’m on my own, I would happily eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But if you’re like me, and are fed up with imported store-bought cereals, here’s a quick and easy recipe to get a healthier option on your plate, that can be easily customised to suit your palette.

Stir Fry Salad with Black Rice

My entire family loves eating fried rice. It’s a real easy fix for school lunches or even a rushed meal at home. But white rice and I have not been friends for long. I enjoy unpolished brown rice but won’t eat a lot of it. So, instead I decided to try a new healthier grain, by tossing black rice into the mix.

Green Lemonade

My son recently decided to try being a vegetarian for a week. I was incredibly excited at first, until I realised how much I depended on eggs when baking their snacks. So, I went back to the drawing board and came up with an easy dairy and egg free cereal bar which is a perfect ‘anytime’ snack. Hope you enjoy making these as much as we enjoyed eating them.

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