Regenerative Farming

As much as organic and natural farming is important, the future of farming truly depends on how any farming philosophy tends to the most critical resource we have – soil. It is the nutritional value of the soil that allows our food to grow and in turn, nourish us.  

What Free-Range Chicken really means

The Food and Safety organisations have had their work cut out, trying to set up standards to be followed to ensure safe and clear identification of processes. However, many of these standards are more like guidelines that can be interpreted and misinterpreted based on the intent of the producer. 


"Extending life of the produce"

Owning the produce we work with, has been both a boon and a bane. On one hand, I enjoy the experience of working with the SAFEST and FRESHEST produce available in the city. This is the one thing every guest eating at the café, health food junkie or not, agrees on too. On the other hand, as a producer, it is crushing to realise that the café with it's niche clientele, cannot possibly use up ALL of that lovely produce we are growing. 


For all the merits it offers, recycling is not going to be enough to protect the future generations. The only way to practice sustainability is to aim towards zero waste – create less waste and where possible, reuse any you create. SAGE is committed to constantly taking steps towards reducing and reusing.  




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