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4 Course Meals

SAGE Farm Cafe is delighted to bring back it’s four course curated meals at our private dining room. Our cooking journey began with plated meals back in 2016, where we served a four course seasonal menu on pre-order. We are now delighted to add our years of experimentation with food, to bring back this one of a kind experience.

A glimpse of a specially curated menu for a customer.



Seed Soup with Spiced Broth

Ridge gourd, bottle gourd & watermelon seeds. Spiced and served with a vegetable scrap broth, garnished with fried onions.


Pickled Garden Salad

Pickled vegetables, served with spiced seed crackers & seed sauce dressing.

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Rice & Seed Podi Cake with Pepper Sauce

Rice & seed podi cake served with charred pumpkin, baked beets & a tamarind pepper sauce, garnished with crispy malabar spinach.

Deconstructed Apple Pie

Deconstructed Thai Apple Pie

Ginger Chia apple sorbet, served with pumpkin seed crumb, poached apples & a Sage special Anglez sauce.

To place an order for delivery/pick-up, please connect with our customer care - 9849427575